Monday 22nd December 2014,


When it comes to music creativity, AV has surpassed the realm of just being a writer.  In music painting the picture of your life and its surroundings is a pinnacle task for any rapper/artist. The combining of R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Everyday life, is the formula that AV uses to capture his fans all over the world. This alone separates him from the masses and allows him to deliver a very real description of life that is not only easy to believe but entertaining to anyone who listens to his music. Personality, Charisma, Charm to say a few, is attributes that also allow people to relate to AV as well, giving him the title of the, “People’s Champ”.

Keeping up with the latest trends and never running out of things to say, is what keeps you fresh in this industry. AV never has a problem with writing a song that keeps you excited and tuned in.

This is what many of the greatest that have ever done it have dazzled the world with, “creative” New and intriguing lyrics and topics that keep the fans satisfied.

For too long the West Coast and surrounding area has been a trend setter for the world to follow from N.W.A, to Dr. Dre, and the whole Gangster movement. People have always wanted to follow that glamorous and exciting life of being a fast talking high rolling, swave sex symbol artist, that the lady’s and most guy’s long to emulate. Upon taking on the task of creating an ENT called X-Rated that threw party’s and promoted events, there was also Label me Bomb, and Krack City. ‘All of which were doing pretty much the same things all over the city. LMKR (Label Me Krack Rated) Was a beautiful mesh between all of the ENT’s to create something bigger and more powerful. AV became the spokesperson for this movement and like NWA the ability to become unified And pushing one vision is what brought about the success of the LMKR movement. Promoting Good grades, believing in yourself and striving for what you want through hard work and persistence Has made AV not only a spokesperson but a leader and role model for many young aspiring Kids/Young adults to follow. Never to have smoked or drank is a plus to the character of AV, who Believes that an individual can change the village and the village can change the town and the town can  change the nation. Even though being raised in Compton has presented its obstacles and pit falls, to be successful and successfully run LMKR is a tremendous feat. The friends appointed to serve as co-members of LMKR (Doe Boy, Meco, KP, J-Star..and a host of others) has brought the Flavor back to the west Like An Easy E, Dr. Dre, Mc Ren Ice Cube..etc. People need to realize that we need someone who Is willing to take a stand and make a stand towards something that is bigger than them and fight for the right to be heard. This is the testimony of AV a product of the streets gone good instead of gone bad.
The future for AV is open and anyone who is trying to push good music and work with anyone believing In that fact, is what he is looking for. AV’s vision is to build strong and educated artists that have a lot to offer the world. From acting to Lawyers to whatever the youth believe is going to put them in a better place, and separate them from the sad stories of those who didn’t make it. Running his company And creating a new form of music called “Sagg Muzik”,that combines slow rhythms with heavy base and a unique sagg slump flow that creates a rhythm of its own is AV’s claim to fame. This formula is quickly catching on with the latest trend of the,”Rachet” movement, and other songs that have Been featured on the radio, and in the streets since early 2010-11 when AV’s “HER, HER and HER” Came out and opened the door for raunchy explicit lyrics to be accepted again. AV promotes that Even though the lyrics are provocative, the overall emphasis is to entertain and not to degrade. A firm believer in supporting woman, being able to change and conform with the times we live in, AV has been Able to create flashy and catchy new ways to keep the people listening and has done so since before 2009 with ease.